Blogs Tips for Organizing

Minimize & Organize

The less you have the less to organize. Try to minimize to only what you will use. Look at minimizing as organizing. Look at organizing as minimizing.

Blogs Tips for Autism

Autism Tips

Tips if your child with Autism can’t speak: Start with numbers then 1-5, then 1-10 Try whisper the numbers. Do something fun on 5 & 10 (tickle, hug or smile) Say “Yay” at end of counting. Count with both your words and fingers. Reward your kid when they count with their fingers saying “Good Job“ […]

Blogs Tips for Health

10 Tips for Healthy Teeth

10 ways to help your teeth’s health. Brushing your teeth with a Soft, Sonic Electric Toothbrush. The best is sonic electric toothbrush that removes more plaque that normal brushing a spinning head(oscillating) is better than manual but not better than sonic (make sure the head spins and not just shakes/vibrates). Flossing Daily with single-use Flossers. […]

Blogs Tips for Websites

Can you create multiple blogs on WordPress website?

Yes, there is a way to create more than one blog on your website. I will show you how to create multiple blogs, no coding needed. The short answer is “Categories”. WordPress only allows 1 blog…. but you can have as many Categories as you want. Then in your menu instead of just having a […]

Blogs Tips for Self Help

How to not be hard on Your “Self” anymore in 7 creative steps.

A creative way to change how we view and treat our “Self”: Let’s face it, we have put our “Self” through a lot. Let’s give our “Self” a break and take just a few deserved minutes. Give your “Self” a deep breath before we begin… Let go… and let these Questions sink in… 1st step […]