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10 Tips for Healthy Teeth

10 ways to help your teeth’s health. Brushing your teeth with a Soft, Sonic Electric Toothbrush. The best is sonic electric toothbrush that removes more plaque that normal brushing a spinning head(oscillating) is better than manual but not better than sonic (make sure the head spins and not just shakes/vibrates). Flossing Daily with single-use Flossers. […]

Blogs Tips for Websites

Can you create multiple blogs on WordPress website?

Yes, there is a way to create more than one blog on your website. I will show you how to create multiple blogs, no coding needed. The short answer is “Categories”. WordPress only allows 1 blog…. but you can have as many Categories as you want. Then in your menu instead of just having a […]

Blogs Tips for Self Help

How to not be hard on Your “Self” anymore in 7 creative steps.

A creative way to change how we view and treat our “Self”: Let’s face it, we have put our “Self” through a lot. Let’s give our “Self” a break and take just a few deserved minutes. Give your “Self” a deep breath before we begin… Let go… and let these Questions sink in… 1st step […]